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A Private Collection is a privately owned assortment of works, quite often referring to collections of art. That expression, if seen in a museum alongside or describing a work, it signifies that particular piece is not owned by the museum, but is on loan from an independent source.

Our Private Collection label is the vivid personification of one of our most ambitious projects, whilst upholding our brand principles and our belief that it is possible to combine our passion and ethical standards for maintaining traditions, to produce fine wine and selected foods which look and taste as nature intended.
It is our belief that it is possible for small winemakers and vineyard owners with small holdings, to honor wine whilst producing and marketing it, by combining management skills with responsible social behaviors that maximize stakeholder returns whilst promoting the right for people to provide for themselves with dignity.

As proud member of a agricultural cooperative, that respectfully cultivates over 1.500 hectares; we are able to offer superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a comprehensive range of commercial and fine wines, produced in modern facilities, combining modern technologies with respectful traditional winemaking methods by skilled artisans.

This harmonious combination of tradition, experience and know-how with the added strength of cooperative farming and winemaking, allows you to enjoy a full array of wines produced from the varieties, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc under the DOP Montilla-Moriles. In addition, our celebrated Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and the Tempranillo variety under the geographical indication of origin VD.T.D. CORDOBA

To make you a fan of our private collection, we will make sure to conquer your palate and seduce your senses.