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The Mission

We like to share our passion for indulgent lifestyle, food and wine with the taste of life, soil, sun, rain, the scents of the earth that enhance their own fragrance.

It is our belief that the best natural products; fine wine and superior gourmet, are made with time and care, respecting traditions, skills and the know-how carried from generation to generation. It is an unforgettable sensorial experience from natural ingredients to the pure pleasure of cooking and eating!

We are fascinated by regional specialties, their stories and uniqueness and by sharing with you the juice of the earth and the hands that with hard work, gave it care. Because behind good quality and unique handmade products there are real people that put their Art & Heart into everything their hands touch.

The Vision

We want to see traditions revived, allowing people to once again have access to the highest quality wine and food of incomparable flavor.  We are not in search of something new, nor do we want to change the way mankind has provided for itself for thousands of years.
That is our vision and commitment; to return to the roots of real food.

The Values

We believe that is possible to combine our passion and ethical standards for maintaining traditions, produce fine wine and selected foods which look and taste as nature intended.

We believe in combining management skills with responsible social behaviors that maximize stakeholder returns whilst promoting the right for people to provide for themselves with dignity.

We believe in promoting conducts that may lead us to a minimal harm of animals, the natural environment or human exploitation.

We believe in doing the right thing for the right reasons.