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This is a Signature Wine produced in the heart of CORDOBA using only the best selected batches combined with ancient skills and traditional winemaking methods.

Also knows as “Vino de la Tierra de Cordoba” these wines are certified by the Consejería de Agricultura y Pesca (Agriculture and Fishing Governmental Organism) and it’s a Geographical Protected Indication of Origin that testifies that all grapes proceed from this specific geographical region and its elaborated following controlled and known production procedures.

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Cordoba, Spain (Product of Europe)
Private Collection Tempranillo
V.D.T.D. CORDOBA (Geographical Indication of Origin)
Shiraz (100%)
Still Red Wine
13% vol.
< 2 gr/l.
16 Cº - 18 Cº

Young Wine produced from an early selection of our best batches of “Shiraz grapes, of medium maceration and controlled low temperature.

Of red ripe cherry color with purple shades, clean and bright. In nose is of high intensity, mineral aromas and slight ripe red fruit. In mouth is well balanced, dry and well-structured of easy step.

Suites all occasions and it stands well alone as is particularly good during meals, especially stews and roasts of all kinds
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Young Red Wine - Shiraz Grape