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Our Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained by combining tradition & skills and boutique mountain farming; low density trees fields, natural and ecological under the influence of the ideal Mediterranean weather conditions and handpicked olives for obtaining our first cold pressed only of natural decantation, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


This unique Signature Coupage, taste and aroma is defined by both our unique climate and soil on which the olive trees grow, but also by the moment and methods the olives have been harvested and ground combined with our mastery artisan skills, on assembling the juice of our best varieties, combining them with careful precision, in a very specific proportion to obtain our unique and distinctive flavor.


Producing as choosing a superior quality first cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be similar to selecting a good wine, where aromas and texture blends with flavors that are unique, and create very particular characteristics suited for some particular dishes.

With tasting notes of intense fruity and slight bitterness with a peppery aftertaste, this is one of most prized true secrets behind our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.