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Our Premium Selection refers a superior quality and exclusive segment of our products that are simple, natural and Handmade by Artisans in very exclusive limited editions that typically range per product, from 500 to 5000 units per year.

Tailored for discerning customers that appreciate and purchase “smart” luxury, they are a clear choice for respecting traditions and supporting mastered craftsmanship in return for the privilege of being one of the selected few enjoying products that are unique and exclusive throughout the world.

First founded the Spanish gentleman Don José de la Guardia whom obtained in 1862, the Royal Warrant of Appointment as Official Supplier winery to HER ROYAL MAJESTY THE QUEEN ISABEL II of Spain, has been since producing Generous Wines, both naturally sweet wines and fortified wines, from the varieties PX (Pedro Ximénez) and Moscatel under the protected Denomination of Origin MALAGA.

We offer ethical and responsibly produce, aged and bottled at our winery in Malaga, Spain. Established as Winemakers since 1840 and still a proud family winery operating for over 173 years, this is the first and oldest winery in Malaga.

The references to the denomination itself date back to 12th January 1502, when the first Royal Decree published relating to "the restriction and exploitation of winemaking in the province of Málaga", which in turn became the first known record concerning the creation of the ‘Hermandad de Viñeros de Málaga’ (Málaga Winemakers’ Guild), the forerunner in functions to what would become, centuries later, the Regulating Council for the Protected denomination of Origin.