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About Jay Venakki

I am Jay Venakki, entrepreneur, foodie, founder, and Master Artisan of The Venakki Company. This brand is a reflection of my life; my personal and professional trajectory, my journeys, experiences, beliefs and character. It reflects both my early professional background in the fashion industry as my love affair with food, wine and spirits.
I have found a deep love and immense joy in crafting superior products, out of simple and natural ingredients in my pursuit of one single standard: excellence.

I am as fascinated by regional specialties, their stories and uniqueness as by sharing the juice of the earth and the hands that gave it care and hard work.  That is why all our products are the result of my own personal care and selection of only the best ingredients and the best batches.
It is my belief that superior products are made with time and care, respecting traditions, skills and the know-how carried from generation to generation.

I wish to share this passion, with the tastes of life, soil, sun, rain and the scents of the earth that enhance their own fragrance. Because behind good quality and unique handmade products, there are real people that put their Art & Heart into everything their hands touch.